Plainview, Texas
July 20, 2018
1 Year, 2 months and 28 days since
our Reunion.

Get ready for a smashing fun 70th Birthday Party in 2020!!

Details to follow soon!
PHS Class of '68 Forever Bulldogs Please let us know if someone's name was accidently left off, that's a LOT of peopl
PHS Class of '68 Forever Bulldogs Please let us know if someone's name was accidently left off, that's a LOT of people! 👀 1st Row-Nancy Adams Ware, Barbara Holland Osborne, Linda Trussell Hardin, Mary Walker Clark, Patti Johnson Fitch, Gail Huffine Henderson, Kathy Fannon Gray, Gayle Holland, Darlene Seago Curry, Cornelia Ashby McDonough, Nedra Magee Leach, Sue Zimmerman Davis, Donna Taylor Steward, Linda Waggoner Hardin, Georgia Mull Proctor, Nancy Bublis Cox, Mary Youngblood. 2nd Row-Pat Ray McKinney, Brenda Vanlandingham Houchin, Carolyn Fuson Andrews, Cathy Crossland Woods, Coy Koen, Adam Cuevas, Ronny Rogers, Tommy McBee, Joe Don Martin, Sherri Wells Gilmore, Judy Newland, Carolyn Walker Hance, Judy Wood Moore, Laurel Shepard, Robert Carter. 3rd Row-Ervey Garcia, Beverly Carruth Henderson, Cindy Short Cox, Carol Adams Izard, Donna Burch Fugett, Julia Cummings Blount, Reta Swanner Craft, Patti Purcell Salas, Frances McWilliams Harris, Elizabeth Lopez Richardson, Sylvia Flores Bustamante, Vickie Peters, Tommie King Quebe, Sonia Permenter Jeffress, Larry Garrison, Guy Andrews. 4th Row-Terry Reep Brim, Carroll Brim, Pam Brow Miller, Cindy Greer Pritchard, Pat Patterson Ellison, Alice Lockeby Sawayer, Jan Toliver Foster, Jackie Dillard, Terry McEachern, Phil Lewellen, Randy Gardner, Kenny Redin, John Kirchhoff, Kelvin Tipton, David Haney, Cruz Garza. 5th Row-Mike Harder, Johnny Wood, Norman Sharp, Rodger Hardin, Rick Landtroop, Robert Pool, Mike McDonough, Kim McGregor, Jim McBride, Wilson McGuire, Isauro Gutierrez, Terry Williams, Tom Waldrep, Tim Lane.

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40 Year Reunion-2008
40 Year Reunion-2008
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